We created a perfect stage to promote YOU!

Say goodbye to travel plans and booth-sitting days. This is  your best opportunity to show your art to a global audience and network with the most creative minds in the world.


This is how it works:

  1. Publish your live event schedule and virtual booth.

  2. Engage with a much larger audience only during your live events.

  3. Capture on-going traffic from your 24/7 booth display.


artist alley.PNG

Show your work

Each exhibitor will get to set up a public virtual booth for people to visit anytime and discover your work. 

Interact with participants

Showcase what you have to offer though interactive live events with a much bigger crowd.

Sell your artwork & courses

Offer exclusive deals for your artwork, merchandise and courses. Keep 100% of your sales!

Grow your following

Maximize your reach in both digital and traditional worlds to gain fresh followers.

Network with professionals

Meet like-minded top artists to collaborate, cross promote or merge followings. 

Learn from keynote speakers

Upgrade to ProArtist Max to attend VIP events to further refine your skills and open career opportunities. 


Fill out application

Pay exhibitor fee

if accepted

Watch onboarding videos

for tech, sales and marketing tips

Get listed in Exhibition Hall

with easy booth and live event setup

Announce your appearance

on social media, newsletters, website...

Go live, showcase & engage!

give them a reason to become your patron 


Northern Lights


Ideal for artists who are just looking for a large stage to market their online courses. Low breakeven point without the high booth fee, travel and hotel makes it easier for you to make profit from VXL.

+ Keep 100% Sales 

+ Promote with Virtual Booth

+ Interact with Live Events

+ Success Bootcamp Training


ProArtist Max

Perfect for professional artists who not only want to expand the market reach but also gain practical knowledge to further their career development.

+ Attend Live VIP Events

​+ 1 Year VIP Event Replay

+ Keep 100% Sales 

+ Promote with Virtual Booth

+ Interact with Live Events

+ Success Bootcamp Training

$400 Save $350


Thank you for your interest in VXL 2021. We have closed the application for 2021 exhibitors. To be considered as an exhibitor for 2022, please fill out the application. We will notify you as soon as the details for 2022 become available. Package pricing is subject to change.


Promote your brand or company? 

We have a better package for you to feature your brand or company with sponsored exhibitor options.