Sponsor Announcement: Infinite Painter

We are thrilled to announce that Infinite Painter will be joining Vision X Live as a sponsor. Infinite Painter is an award-winning app, designed with incredible care to bring the best of graphic design software to artists of all levels, whether creating art is your hobby, passion, or career. Infinite Painter users can enjoy all of the familiar concepts such as layers, shapes, and selection tools, as well as some groundbreaking features unique to the app. With nearly 200 brushes to choose from, ranging from natural media brushes like watercolors, charcoals, and our best-in-class pencils to design brushes like our lasso fills, you'll find some of the best brushes on the market. You can create your own brushes and tweak the settings to perfection by docking the brush editor to the side of the canvas. Need the perfect pressure curve? No more guesswork needed.

Download the app here.

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