Sponsor Announcement: Park City Fine Art

We are thrilled to announce that Park City Fine Art will be joining Vision X Live as a sponsor! Park City Fine Art is a cluster of 5 sister galleries owned and operated on Main Street in the beautiful Park City, Utah. The cluster includes Park City Fine Art Gallery, Old Towne Gallery, Prospect Gallery, Pando Fine Art, and Art Elevated. The galleries utilize relationships developed with painters, sculptors and dealers from Europe and the United States to showcase an impressive collection of traditional and contemporary art by many of our countries leading artists. The galleries are housed in beautiful buildings, including the historic Claim Jumper building. In addition, the Art Elevated gallery is a co-op that orchestrates one-on-one artist mentoring and business/vision planning for any artist who wants to take their career to the next level. Next time you are in Park City, Utah, be sure to stop by one of these 5 remarkable galleries. To learn more visit any of the following websites, or stop by Park City Fine Art's Instagram HERE.

Park City Fine Art

Old Towne Gallery

Prospect Gallery

Pando Fine Art

Art Elevated


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