Sponsor Announcement: Raymar

We are thrilled to announce that Raymar, maker of high-quality panels, is joining Vision X Live as a sponsor. Panels are Raymar's passion. The company was created when decades ago, Catherine Dietrich, then an art student, glanced at her supplies list and was surprised to discover that she was expected to make her own panels by hand! Frustrated, and anxious to move on to the task of painting, Catherine and her husband, John, recognized that there was a void in the art supplies world that needed to be filled. They consulted with the curator of the National Museum of Art at the time and developed a panel that was professional, archival, and would ensure that paintings last through the ages. Today, Raymar is run by Catherine and her daughter, Emilie, and is a leading brand of art panels. To learn more about Raymar visit their website HERE.

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