Sponsor Announcement: Silver Brush!

We are delighted to announce that Silver Brush has joined VXL as a sponsor! Celebrating their 30th anniversary, the Silver Brush Ltd brand of artist brushes has become an institution for fine artists worldwide. Their mission is to bring the finest quality artist brushes to the market. Whether the brushes are intended for the beginner or the professional portrait painter, Silver Brush quality is the hallmark of all their brushes.

Silver Brush Ltd founder, Dee Silver, says, “Unlike most products sold to consumers today, artist brushes in our quality class are still manufactured for the most part by hand. Our brushes are made by artisans who have apprenticed with master brushmakers for very long periods of time.” Since the beginning, Silver Brush has experimented with a number of different filaments to produce the sturdy, rugged brushes that an artist requires. “We took a giant leap of faith bringing the Grand Prix® pure Chungking hog bristle brush to America in 1991. At that time, no bristle brush of this quality had been brought to the US market. We were told by the brushmakers that the series wouldn’t sell to America’s artists but we proved them wrong and continue to work on bringing the best quality artist brushes to market,” says Dee. In the years since its inception, Silver Brush has flourished into a recognized source of the finest quality materials for artists.

To learn more about Silver Brush, visit their website HERE or their Instagram HERE.

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