Welcome to Natural Pigments! Founded by George O'Hanlon and Tatiana Zaytseva and based in northern California, Natural Pigments manufactures and distributes rare and hard-to-find materials for fine artists and decorators. We specialize in supplying artists' materials that were used in historical painting since prehistoric times up to and including the nineteenth century.

Rublev Colours Oil Paint The only truly traditional oil colors–made without additives

Rublev Colours Artist Oils are unlike any other brand of oil paints today. Why are Rublev Colours different from other manufactured oil paints? One reason is that we use genuine natural and historical pigments like those used by the old masters. Most of these pigments are not found in other brands. Another reason is that we make Rublev Colours Artist Oils as they did before modern tube colors—without additives. Rublev Colours Artist Oils contain only pigment and oil. They are formulated to maintain the unique characteristics of each pigment in oil. The character found in each tube of our oil colors is unique due to the pigment inside, giving the artist new choices of texture, opacity, consistency, tone and hue. With Rublev Colours you experience the transparency of yellow ocher, the pale coolness of green earths, and the crystalline glitter of blue lazurite.

Guest Presenters Teresa Oaxaca & Joshua LaRock

Teresa Oaxaca Friday, July 16 at 12 noon PDT Teresa Oaxaca, The Life of a Painter Event link coming soon Watch acclaimed artist Teresa Oaxaca share insight into the working world of a studio painter. She covers topics such as inspiration, motivation, technical ability reach, art materials and making oil paint from colored pigment. George O’Hanlon joins her live half way through for a live Q & A about all things paint.

"In lieu of hand-grinding my paints I have formed a close relationship with Natural Pigments. Through using their art materials I am fortunate to have easy access to excellent art products, materials and application advice as well as problem solving help. When I use Rublev Colours Artist Oils for example, I feel safe in the knowledge that far more research has gone into sourcing and preparing my paints than I could ever afford to do in my own studio practice or spare time. Aside from trusting the company, their colors are a joy to work with and I have seen significant progress in my surface paint application. This means that my works appear as complex and interesting in person as they will on a computer screen, if not more so. The ingredients of dragged lead, bodied oils, and a myriad of other natural earth pigments lends my work added depth of meaning and interest for me as an artist. I enjoy trying out new colors and working with this range of quality artists’ paints."

Teresa Oaxaca. Old Man And The Sea, 24x36”, Oil on Canvas, 2021


Joshua LaRock Saturday, July 17 at 11 a.m. PDT Joshua LaRock | Process & Materials Event link coming soon

Join this discussion with George O’Hanlon from Natural Pigments and Joshua LaRock.

Another such discovery for me was in the are of rheology—or for our purposes, the way the paint handles. I was greatly surprised to learn that much of our modern pigments we buy at the local art store are ground much differently than that of the old masters—or any paint prior to 1900 for that matter. Most pigments are ground to have a very fine and homogenous particle size and this has a very significant effect on the paint consistency—“buttery” it is often called. Conversely, Rublev Colours are ground to have larger particle sizes with a greater variety of size and shape which, wonderfully, results in a paint which flows under the brush and is thixotropic. I have found that these qualities enable me to make certain effects while painting with far greater ease and a much more satisfying paint facture.

One other major take away for me is the unnecessary addition of resins, or varnish, in oil painting. George has helped convince me that the painting effects I observe and aspire to in the great works of the past are not necessarily the result of mediums which contain resins. On the contrary, much of what I am after can be achieved simply with quality oils at a variety of viscosities (walnut oil gel and sun-thickened linseed oil are two of my standards) and the addition of amendments like calcite (as found in their Velazquez medium). With just these three mediums I can do a tremendous amount of altering my paints’ handling, drying-time, and transparency. Not only does this help me achieve the desired visual results, it also creates a painting which is far less likely to crack with age due to brittle resins."


Eric Johnson “Rublev Colours has graciously saved you the effort of needing to make your own paint to get old masters quality paint. The character of each pigment is different depending on its pigment particle size, structure and ability to absorb more or less oil. This is fully present with Rublev Colours paint because of the lack of stabilizers and fillers.”

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Historical Greens–Rublev Oil Colours An sneak peek at our historical greens. To see the entire video visit:

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