"The Best Foundation for Your Art"


“Aluminum Composite panels are the most durable and long lasting panels that an artist can use. I really enjoy working on Artefex panels for their convenience, and I love knowing that they are made with the highest quality materials.” -Julio Reyes

Why Paint on ACM?

ACM panels offer a superior support for painting and mounting compared to wood panels because ACM panels have very low response to environmental changes, such as relative humidity (RH) and temperature. They are built with two strong sheets of aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core. The unique composition of these 3 mm (1/8″) panels makes them lightweight, dimensionally stable and strong. The light weight and thin profile of these panels makes them ideal for plein air and studio painting. They transport easily and store perfectly in tight spaces. READ MORE...

Most Common Problems With Stretched Canvas

While the way we paint has changed over time, what we paint on has not. The same problems artist had over a hundred years ago painting on stretched canvas still remains today. The most common of these are:

  • Stretching

  • Cracking

  • Tearing

  • Warping

  • Reactions to changes in environment such as humidity and temperature

Why Canvas Is Not the Best Choice for Painting by George O'Hanlon, Director of Natural Pigments.

Check out this video by the Canadian Conservation Institute showing stretched canvas reacting to humidity levels.

"I love the ACM panels that Artefex makes. They not only look professional, but using the ACM panel as my substrate allows me to get the fine details in the lace pieces I paint as well as to also allow my brushstrokes to describe form on skin tones without the texture of linen coming through. Artefex panels are also durable and lightweight for the longevity of the paintings I create." -Shana Levenson

>> Events <<


Olga Krimon

Friday, July 16th at 5 PM (PDT)

“Why Copper and Is All Copper Made the Same”


Can I just paint on any copper? Is there anything I need to know before I paint on copper? Join Anton O'Hanlon and Olga Krimon as they discuss everything about copper!

Suchitra Bhosle

Saturday, July 17th at 10 AM (PDT)

“Choosing the Right Painting Surfaces”


Join an in depth discussion with Anton O'Hanlon and Suchitra Bhosle about her favorite painting surface and how it affects her work.

Casey Childs

Sunday, July 18th at 12 PM (PDT)

“Working Large and How To Do It Right”


Join Anton O'Hanlon and Casey Childs as they discuss Casey's experience working on large commissions.  His process, how to chooses the right surface to paint large and how these decisions affect the final product.


>> ACM Panel Care <<


How To Clean Copper Panels

How To Fix Yellowing on Lead Primed Canvas

How To Hang ACM Panels

When to Varnish?

The age-old advice to wait at least six months before varnishing oil paintings is a good practice, but one that is resisted by many artists. And it is understandable why because when a painting is completed it often needs to be delivered immediately for exhibit or into the customer’s hands.



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