My creations really have evolved over the span of my artistic career.

As a child, I always had an interest in art. It was a passion that ran through my veins. Every second I had to spare, I would sketch or paint. I won my first art competition at the age of 10 and continued to follow my heart, always keeping a pencil and my imagination at hand. As I got older, my aptitude and will only got stronger and encouraged me to keep doing what I loved. Presently, I still use this admiration for colors and my feelings to create original art pieces I can reflect on.

Because of this, I have used inspiration from many well-known artists that have speckled my childhood such as Gulgee, Rembrandt, and Sergeant. They have showed me a new way and style of delivering, not only myself, but my thoughts and passion on the pieces I create. My creations range from portraits and abstract realism to calligraphy and Islamic Art. I like to try new things, and work with any kind of medium I come across, although I focus on oil and acrylic. As I paint, my thoughts and feelings flow through my hand and onto the canvas, enveloping it with brilliant or earthy colors and masking it with the power of my brush. I become in charge and let my mind take me places, creating most of my artwork spontaneously. My imminent desire is to interact with the viewer through my art. I wish for them to read my work in their own way and to understand me through the colors and movement they see.

My paintings are showcased and exhibited on various platforms all over the world. Offices, personal spaces, religious centers, festivals, and various events hold my pieces. From showcasing in Dubai to exhibiting in my hometown of Houston, my work travels internationally as well as locally. Art is based off of feelings. Using them in order to make your views known, stir emotions and ideas. Everyday events and international events both effect the way someone shows themselves, and when artists create a piece of art, they are virtually speaking for a group of people as a whole, for others as well as for themselves. So in this way, many artists serve as the translators to the thoughts of the people. Nizar MacNojia

Nizar MacNojia

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