Cash App card is a free debit card that enables users to pay at offline stores effortlessly. However, you can also pay online with Cash Card. The Cash Card is directly connected with the Cash App balance. The users can pay with Cash Card till there is a balance in the Cash App account. Hence, you should maintain your Cash App account balance to use the Cash Card for payments. However, if you have no funds in your wallet, where can i load my cash app card as per the following methods:

  1. Add money to your Cash App account with a debit card transfer

  2. Ask a friend to send money to your account.

  3. Load Cash App Card at stores near you.

These are three options through which you can add money to cash app card. If the first two options do not work for you, go to merchant stores like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Walmart, Rite Aid, 7Eleven, etc. and request Cashier to load your Cash Card. Pay the desired amount in cash and follow the instructions. you can contact the customer support if you have any confusion.

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