Hi, I am Brienne and a watercolor artist. My art passions are watercolor and plein air but I also paint in oils. I am excited to join Vision X Live for it's first year. I love the idea! I am always looking for ways to think outside the box and it seems like many here are looking for the same. I am excited to learn and meet other artists online. :)

I am a professional artist selling my work through my galleries, online, and at plein air events around the US. I also teach workshops all over the country and, like many others, teach online courses. To my surprise, I have really enjoyed teaching online where I have been able to reach a wider adience. Not everyone can travel to take a workshop or take the time off work. By teaching online, a lot of my students can still learn while working and not traveling.

I enjoy painting and teaching. I feel grateful that I get to do both while still raising my young family. In college, I studied art and chemistry but graduated with a masters degree in chemistry, not planning to be a professional artist. However, I soon learned that art was a necessity for my well being... I had to paint. So, I decided I needed to follow my passion. This is what I do.

To see more of my work, you can visit my website here:

To see my online teaching options, here is my teaching website:

Again, I am really looking forward to the Vision X Live Event.

Happy Painting Everyone!!

Brienne M Brown

Brienne M Brown
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