I am looking forward to meeting each of you at VisionXLive! I’m primarily a plein air painter and love to travel, but I also enjoy working in different genres to keep things challenging and exciting. Traveling and meeting people from different cultures has been my passion for many years.

I’m particularly interested in capturing what I call “vanishing landscapes.” Around the world, many places are going through rapid changes due to technological, socio-economic, and climate issues. Whether it is the farm country of the western United States, or the cities and towns of China, India, South America, or Europe, I’m passionate about using paint and brush to record the dynamics of these places.

Over the years, I've enjoyed sharing my knowledge through teaching in the MFA program at the Academy of Art University, instructing at Pixar University, and teaching workshops at the Scottsdale Artists School. In the last two years, I’ve created a series of online courses at Sentient Academy to share my painting experience with a broader audience.

I began my painting career in 1999 by participating in plein air and gallery shows across the USA. I have since had the honor of showing my work in galleries and museums worldwide. Each venue has been an excellent opportunity to meet new people and share my passion for places and cultures.

In 2009 while traveling and painting in Italy, the plein air pochade box I was using fell apart. It was very frustrating to be on an overseas painting trip without an easel. So when I returned home, I began work on a bulletproof plein air easel design that would prevent future easel failure. After extensive testing and tweaking, I had a working prototype by December and began production of what became the STRADA Easel.

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Bryan Mark Taylor

Sentient Faculty
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