My brother Mark and I co-host the Creative Community Podcast, presented by Destination Arete. We have the privilege of asking creatives of all kinds what makes the difference for them in taking their art from "good" to "excellent."


The word "Arete" is an ancient Greek word that translates to "excellence" or "a high mountain peak." We believe the journey to creating excellent art is as valuable as the resulting work and we love sharing the stories that artists tell us about their discoveries, challenges, risks, and rewards.


You can listen to the Creative Community Podcast on Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, or YouTube.






Go check out the amazing resources from my friends Jean and Jocelyn at Dutch Art Box!

The Dutch Art Box is a global online platform that promote artists and high quality art related products and services. Each week a new featured artist is interviewed and their art work and story is publish on their website, social media and through a newsletter.

The Dutch Art Box’s mission is to help you become the artist you are meant to be! Learning new creative skills and using the right tools for the job. Sign up for their monthly newsletter if you want to be kept informed about the latest online art competitions, the best online art courses and workshops and high quality art products.

Go to their website and sign up for the newsletter today!


The Creative Community Podcast is privileged to have interviewed several of the Vision X Live presenting artists already! Check out our conversations with Dan Schultz, Mike Malm, Ellie Wilson, Stephanie Paige Thompson, and Jared Brady!


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