I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and had a love of art from a very small age. My mother was very creative and encouraged me to explore my creativity.

That creativity reached back in my family as I listened to stories from my maternal grandfather talking about a famous artist named Lazzaro Bastiani, which was listed in a document of their family ancestry. During a high school field trip to New York, I saw a painting by this artist in the Frick collection. This peaked my curiosity and I began to research my ancestor and found out that he was an Italian painter during the 14th and 15thcentury in Venice. Highlights of his career include that he and a few other artists, including Gentile Bellini, were commissioned to paint a number of canvasses for the Oratory of the Cross. Some of these paintings hang in the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice, Italy. I was very excited to see some of these paintings during several visits there.

I graduated from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia majoring in illustration with a minor in painting. When I first graduated I worked in corporate art department for a couple years. After that I worked as a contract artist until I started working for a small toy and novelty candy company. I was able to utilize my design experience as well as imaginative illustrations, I worked as their Art Director for 30 years. I enjoyed the work and it enabled my to raise my three children.

When I retired in 2014, I was able to rekindling my love of oil painting . In the beginning I primarily did pet portraits that have grew out of my love of animals. recently I have started painting more portraits of children and people.

I have always admired the Impressionist painters and their ability to portray light and expression in the simplest of strokes. Although I love figurative painting I'd love to explore plein air painting more.

My husband and I recently moved to Brigantine, New Jersey. We had been spending our summers there for ten years and just love the island. I'm trying to get more active in the local art community.

My Facebook page is Deb Savo Paintings

Below are some examples of my work.

Bolt 8"x11" oil on linen

Princess and the Pea

Three Sunflowers 9"x12" oil on linen

Breaking Dawn 6"x11" oil on linen

Max 8"x8" oil on linen

Crockett 11"x14" oil on line

Carla 8"x8" oil on linen

Leo 11"x14" oil on linen

Atticus Jay 8"x11" oil on linen

Deborah Savo
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