I'm Keith and I do many things because life is too short to not test your limits. When I was 24, I left Taiwan to chase my dream to become an artist. I started with stencils, spray paints and ideas. Banksy was my hero. I spent 2 years exploring my artistic options and found my love for portraits. I love capturing the spirit of a person with dramatic lighting and lost/found edges. That's life, full of spirit that can be lost and found at any moment.

I quit my job as a VP of Finance and Accounting finally in 2019 to join the start-up world and founded Sentient Academy with Bryan Mark Taylor. I've learned so much from hosting all of the live streaming workshops. The best part about my job as the founder and CEO isn’t just sharpening my own artistic skills but also getting to know these amazing, yet humble artists and to peek inside of their masterminds. This is how I push myself and help students achieve excellence.

Besides oil painting, I also enjoy process automation, database design and web development. Building Sentient Academy site is another way for me to stay creative. Visit to see the courses that helped me improve my painting skills over the past 2 years.

My ultimate goal is to not only provide resources for artists to sharpen their artistic skills, but also to gain practical business knowledge to further their careers as artists. As I continue to examine the market needs to pioneer the opportunities for a broader audience, I realized how segmented it has become due to the rapid growth in the online learning space triggered by the COVID pandemic. When the supply curve shifts faster than the demand curve, even though there is demand in the market, the suppliers still create a surplus which effectively drives the price down. From a marketing perspective, everybody unknowingly made it more competitive and difficult to be seen. It is time to take down walls and gather all art tribes together so we can have a brighter future! Vision X was born with the forward-thinking concept that industry leading artists can deliver value way beyond skill-focused demos. A hyper focus on process demos can result in dependent learning behavior and handicap your ability to make critical decisions freely and further develop your own artistic voice.

I know it’s extremely challenging to draw out these hidden treasures from top artists but it is possible. As we unfold this event, you will have the opportunities to meet your favorite artists and discover new inspirations along with the opportunity to ask the right questions and better understand why they make those decisions.

Now you should have a better idea about who I am personally and professionally. If you want to know more you can watch this video to see what my 2019-2020 was like!

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Keith Huang
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