Welcome to VisionX and Painting Best Practices! Painting Best Practices is an information-packed online classroom that includes all aspects of painting from the support and ground to the final layers. Practical procedures are clearly explained and demonstrated on how to build paintings based on scientific research. The courses are designed for painters of all mediums with special emphasis on the most popular painting mediums.

Learn the best practices for painting

The choices you make of painting materials and techniques have consequences for the longevity of your work. The online courses are for anyone who wants to create paintings that last. We present the latest understanding of these materials and techniques from conservation and materials research that help you make the best choices.


"[Painting Best Practices has] the history, chemistry and proper use of everything we use as painters. Every artist striving to do good work needs to know this information. If you have a chance to take this workshop jump at the chance. The information will change your artistic life." ~ Ryan Brown, Director The Master's Academy of Art


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Our paintings are meant to last, but first we need to learn the best ways to use our materials. Our comprehensive courses will give you the knowledge you need while instilling confidence in using the right materials for your work. View our full course line up at

Guest Presenters Matt Miller of Epiphany Fine Art James Robinson of The Art Academy of St. Paul

Teresa Oaxaca Friday, July 16 at 12 noon PDT Teresa Oaxaca, The Life of a PainterEvent link coming soon Matt Miller, Ephiphany Fine Art Explore Your Creative Potential with the Zorn Palette Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 2pm PDT Event link coming soon

Matt Miller from Epiphany Fine Art will talk about how he works with the limited modern Zorn palette (Cad Red Light, Yellow Ochre, Bone Black, Lead White #1) to make a colorful, visually balanced painting. We will discuss, color mixes, visual surround, value, layout, and, amongst others, working around some of the limitations of working with this limited palette and also some of the advantages. (Painting by Matt Miller, "Sentinal", Oil on panel.)


"These workshops are filled with more relevant, up to date information for the fine artist than any book class or website I have ever heard of. Trust me, I've spent a lot of money on my education, think of myself as rather good at the whole "durability" thing. ~Candice Bohannon


James N. Robinson, The Art Academy of St. Paul Embracing Apprenticeship

Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 11am PDT Event link coming soon

James Robinson, founder of The Art Academy of St. Paul, and George O’Hanlon, co-founder of Natural Pigments, announce their collaboration to establish a national school for training adolescents centered around principles dating back to the Renaissance. With over thirty years’ experience teaching children, teens and adults, James will discuss how an in-depth understanding of the studio-apprentice system of the late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance can streamline traditional teaching methods and produce extraordinary results. George O’Hanlon will be on hand halfway through for a live Q & A on the subject. (Painting by Fina Mooney, “Great Grandma’s Eggs", Age 13)

Fat Over Lean–Course Preview

In this course, we explain the fat-over-lean rule in a novel way that simplifies understanding and applying it in your oil painting.

Matte, Glossy Paint and Everything In-between–Course Preview Examining the causes of sinking in, the common practice of “oiling out” (or sometimes “oiling in”), and its disadvantages. The webinar presents the best practices to correct irregular sheen, how to select varnish, and get the best results in your art.


"Thank you for this facinating and informative workshop. I honestly was not sure what to expect, in fact I was a little apprehensive because I was afraid that I was going to get a sales pitch. In very little time I realized that was not the case."

~William Low, Associate Professor


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