Thank you for coming over an checking out my virtual booth!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Joshua Dunlop,

I’m a Creature Concept Artist from the Uk.

Ive always loved drawing monsters ever since I was small and it still blows my mind that Ive been able to turn it into my career!

One of my most popular projects is one I've been working on for the last five years called ‘Pokemon Zoology’ where I turn Pokemon into realistic-looking creatures using the 3D software - Zbrush, Keyshot and Photoshop.

It all started in 2016, I had finished my Masters in Concept Art and I was teaching myself how to use 3D programs from scratch. After months of toiling away, I was finally ready to tackle a project of my own. At the time PokemonGo was crazy popular and I thought it might be cool to create the starter Pokemon.

These lil guys ^

Well, I put them online and the internet went crazy! They wen't viral and featured on websites and magazines all over the world! It was at that point I decided to challenge myself to do the first 151 in this realistic style as a way to practice my skills and improve as an artist. Its allowed me to work with a number of awesome companies such as Disney, RedBull Games, Now with over 300k followers across my social media I'm getting close to the end, but its been amazing!

Since then Ive started a few new projects of my own design, my most recent is 'Unnatural History' where I turn popular mythical creatures into realistic animals! I have many other projects up my sleeve so I do hope you follow my social media and come with me on a wonderful journey!

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If you would like to get any prints and other cool merchandise then head over to my online Etsy store!

All the prints are signed by the artist!

In this series you arel transported to the wonderful region of Kanto, filled with a rich variety of Pokemon, viewed through the eyes of a wildlife researcher!





You can also get some exclusive merchandise!

Grab a big bundle pack which includes:

- A customised Pokemon Trainer Certificate.

- Acceptance letters from the Pokemon League & the Pokemon Academy.

- A ticket to the Pokemon League final.

- A ticket and leaflet for the Safari Zone!

Unnatural History focuses on a top-secret government agency that investigates, captures, or destroys creatures from Myth, Legend, and Folklore, living in secret in the modern day world. Most of human ingenuity, intelligence, and forward-thinking comes from the simple truth;

'We are safe, we are smart, we are the top of the food chain'.

If the public knew these dangers existed (many of which we are ill-equipped to handle) our world would grind to a halt. So, they are hidden, along with a variety of rare and unique species that humankind might destroy or exploit for personal gain.




And many more!


Joshua Dunlop

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