I am a figurative and contemporary portrait artist in the UK, mainly working with oils. I create enigmatic figurative works which usually feature a solitary female figure or face, often with an ambiguous/abstracted background. My paintings are usually characterised by rich textures, created over time with tools such as scrapers and brayers, and many contain cold wax medium.

Often, my works have a narrative element that the viewer may, or may not, pick up on, probably due to my past history as an academic in the field of Children's Literature. I also have history as a successful animal artist, and I was Chair and Exhibitions co-ordinator of a UK national animal art organisation, the Association of Animal Artists, for several years. However, I changed tack to pursue my love of the human form and story telling and I am, by nature, an artist who relishes working with the unexpected and chance.

For more, please see my website: or instagram @juliecrossart

Julie Cross

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