Lori Putnam is an award-winning artist primarily working oil. Her paintings are about color relationships, patterns, and rhythms, without regard to specific subject matter. Lori works both in plein air and in her studio and lives in Charlotte, Tennessee.

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Safe Harbor, 30x40 inches, oil on linen. Private collection.

Winner, $15,000 Grand Prize, Annual Plein air Salon.

Lori is an active member in the highly regarded associations:

Art Ambassador for a Colorful World, Vice President

Laguna Plein air Painters Association, Signature Member

American Women Artists

Salmagundi Club, NYC

Oil Painters of America, Signature Member

American Impressionist Society, Signature Member, past Vice President

California Art Club, Out-of-State Artist

Portrait Society of America

California Plein air Painters, Signature Member

International Plein air Painters, Signature Member

The Chestnut Group, plein air painters for the land

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Hearts and Bunnies, 8x10 inches. Private collection.


Breakfast, 36x48 inches oil on linen. Private collection.

Learn more about Lori and see more art and find workshops at Putnam Fine Art Studio.

Find video, books, and online learning opportunities at Lori Putnam Online.

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