'Grace, At Dusk' - my finished VisionXLive demo piece

I'm a figurative oil painter based in Yorkshire, U.K.

My work focusses on portraits and figures – I find that there is nothing more intriguing than the human face, with its unique capacity for character and communication. Whether a commissioned portrait or a narrative studio work, my goal is always to make paintings which actively communicate the subject’s state of mind.

Painting from life has always been at the core of my practice. There is nothing more exhilarating than a live alla prima portrait sitting!

This passion for live painting is balanced by a keen curiosity regarding texture, layers, and edges; I seek the most imaginative ways to make paint replicate the feel and character of what I see. Quick, immersive live studies are generally followed by extensive studio work.

I’m self-taught; portraiture became an interest in my mid-teens, and I pursued it privately while also studying for a BA in Music. On graduating, I began painting full-time, working from a make-shift studio in my garage.

From these small beginnings I now have work hanging in collections on three continents. I have won prizes with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Art Renewal Center, and in 2022 my painting “Things Not Seen” will be included in a cultural time-capsule (with thanks to the Art Renewal Center and the Lunar Codex project) which will be sent into space and placed on the Moon.

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Ruth Fitton
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