I’ve been making brushes for 38 years and supplying artists by mail order. I’m fortunate that my trade has allowed me to travel the world both sourcing materials and learning different styles of manufacturing. It’s from these resources that I find my own methods of making brushes and trained my team ‘my way’. I have trained a team of highly skilled brush makers to follow suit. I am passionate about art and I hope this shines through in our products.

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"The Rosemary Brush Evolution"


In dealing with artists directly, I’m able to offer exactly what you want, in terms of quality, price and delivery. I’m proud to be a small family business, who can extend an ‘old fashioned’ approach to conducting my business. I believe this to be a major strength and although the 21st century offers valuable technology, I feel it is important to remember the courtesies in life, day to day, between each other. With this in mind, if you don’t see what you’re looking for or need any help/advice with your selection, just ask! Myself and my team look forward to being of service and trust my brushes will enable you to express your artistic talent.

Rosemary by our dear friend, the late Richard Schmid.


I endeavour to offer a high quality product at a competitive price and if you compare my brushes ‘like for like’ in the high streets shops, we can often be 50-60% cheaper. Our website is secure and all your personal data is confidential, we do not pass any information onto any third party, under any circumstances.

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We use an old foil print for most of our brush handles, as shown above.

I believe we are now the biggest brush manufacturer in the United Kingdom. I watch others copy our new ranges and feel proud to have been “The First” to create them.


Symi by our dear friend Jeremy Lipking

My daughter Symi joined the family business 7 years ago after gaining a Law Degree and enjoys her role here as Sales and Marketing Director. She is particularly active on the road and the USA and many of you will have already met her when we travel. I’m proud of the energy she has brought to the company and the many new ideas she eagerly puts forward. Symi shares my passion for art and is the best Sales and Marketing Director I could have ever wished for. She goes above and beyond to tell the world who we are and where we are. How many folks go to work with their best friend? I’m blessed. Symi has certainly taken the company forward and we are top of our game both in social media and public relations. We also offer lots of workshops each year (of course not in 2020 or 2021), but there is more information to be found on our website. We have welcomed over 250 students from all over the world to date, and a team of outstanding teachers to boot. We’ve also just launched a new affiliate programme.

Happy Painting!

Rosemary & Symi

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