With 20 years of experience as a fine art magazine editor, curator, lecturer, fine artist and art dealer, as well as graphic designer/art director who has worked with Disney Press, Sony and Pixar, Rothe currency owns her own successful fine art gallery in California for the last 10 years representing some of the top international artists in the world in realism and impressionism. From Jeremy Lipking, to Casey Baugh, Michelle Dunaway to Dan McCaw and Matt Talbert Rothe exhibits realism and impressionism with a hint of abstraction. Serving 16 years as West Coast Editor for Fine Art Connoissuer magazine, working as a professional fine artist showing her work alongside many of the nations top fine artists, curating International fine art shows from Paris to New York, owning her own Fine Art gallery for the last 10 years and traveling the world as a fine artist has given Rothe an important global perspective. The VRFA video page on the site offers fine art education and curator commentary so clients can learn more about the art they love, which is part of the mission of VRFA Gallery.

With her years of experience she has invented two successful international fine art projects " Americans in Paris and Realism Without Borders, Rothe offers her seasoned persepective on the world of art and offers a global look at the world of art today. Her Americans in Paris exhibition will continues this year NOVEMBER 12-17th in NYC at the Salmagundi Club parlor and will include 30 top international artitsts painting on the theme of ART NOUVEAU! more info at At Vision X Live Rothe will be on panel with 2 other gallery leads to help you learn more about selling your work and offer her years of experience on how the business of art works. VRFA Gallery represents Michelle Dunaway, Suchitra Bhosle, Casey Childs from VXL, and will include Bryan Mark Taylors works this summer 2021 in L'EAU celebrating water in all its forms. Her Keynote speach "Crossing Over" "Erasing the Genre and Medium Boundaries in the Art World Today” where Rothe was set to discuss an overview of the art world today and the important blurring and erasing of boundaries that is occurring in both in the genres of art, and how it is being made, will be postponed at this time due to health reasons. Rothe will do doubt publish this speach soon in one of your favorite fine art magazines where she will discuss and analyze not only the melding of genres, but the blurring of the technical boundaries within the current works of arts being created today.

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